Turkey Smoke at American Royal World Series of Barbecue®

Turkey takes over at the world's largest barbecue.

Turkey was the first protein category to be added to the World Series of Barbecue in its 38 year history. More than 150 teams competed to put their skills to the test in the inaugural Turkey Smoke.

Pro Q Tips

From Rubs to Sauces, use these tips to increase your Q IQ

If you’re not already serving turkey, take a Q from the top restaurants. Did you know that Turkey is served at 64% of US BBQ restaurants, and on a whopping 75% of casual BBQ joints.

Master Chef Tony Seta says: "Think White, Brown and Red. Apply your rub in layers by color to create the deep flavors and let each flavor shine through to make your Q stand out above the rest". White: garlic and onion powder, salt. Browns: brown sugar, chili powders, pepper. Reds: spices such as paprika, red chili flakes. Adding "Reds" first puts the spice right onto the meat, then the "Whites" then blanket it all with the sweetness of the "Brown" sugars.

Serve up the Sauce! Did you know that BBQ sauce is second only to salad dressing sauce in popularity, and appears on 59% of all US menus.

Developed in the deep south, Alabama white sauce is making its way onto menus and into the hearts of BBQ turkey enthusiasts everywhere. This sauce uses a mayo and apple cider vinegar base to create tangy and fall apart turkey Q. Check out a few recipes, like this one from SouthernParm, and then create your own signature white sauce.

State Fair Turkey Roundup

It's late summer, and that means that across the country, we're gearing up for State Fair season.   While many states take out all the stops, only a few State Fairs rank among the best.  Iowa, Minnesota,  and Texas bring in visitors from across their state and also across the county. They also feature award-winning turkey dishes.  Coincidence?  We don't think so (but we may be biased). If you can't travel to these State Fairs, you can get and share these mouth-watering turkey recipes.

This year the Turkey Grill offered new Thanksgiving Balls – imagine combining Grandma’s turkey dinner into one indulging bite! An abundance of traditional vegetables with Iowa grown dark meat turkey - - all rolled into a ball, breaded with an herb infused stuffing, deep-fried and drizzled with homemade sweet ’n spicy cranberry sauce. We also served over 5,000 Not Your Mamma’s Taco (2016 Best New Food Item), Shredded turkey sandwich and drumsticks.

Minnesota Turkey Growers Association (MTGA) has been serving up turkey at the Minnesota State Fair for 59 years (since 1958). The State Fair concession stand, Turkey To Go, is known for its signature Giant Juicy Turkey Sandwich and Slow-Roasted Turkey Drumsticks.

They say everything is bigger in Texas. Certainly the State Fair lives up to that promise. So do the turkey legs. With over 160,000 served each year, it's a perennial favorite.

Get the Recipes that Star at these State Fairs

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