August 12, 2015

Janice Newell Bissex, MS, RDN

Post by bevel

Janice is coauthor of two award winning cookbooks: No Whine with Dinner: 150 Healthy, Kid-Tested Recipes from The Meal Makeover Moms (M3 Press, 2011) and The Moms’ Guide to Meal Makeovers: Improving the Way Your Family Eats, One Meal at a Time! (Broadway Books, 2004), and the new recipe App, Meal Makeovers, featuring family-friendly recipes for people on the go.

She is past president of the Massachusetts Dietetic Association and past chairman of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic’s Food & Culinary Professionals practice group. In 2015, Janice and her coauthor, Liz Weiss, were honored with the Media Excellence Award from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She writes for Relish Magazine and Live Well Digest and appears in and is quoted regularly in the media.

As co-host of the bi-weekly radio podcast, Cooking with the Moms (nominated by IACP as the best Culinary Audio Program of 2011), and an information-packed award winning blog, Meal Makeover Moms’ Kitchen, Janice’s mission is to help busy families eat a healthy and delicious diet. Janice formerly served as nutrition consultant to the U.S. Senate Restaurants and lives outside of Boston with her husband and two daughters, ages 23 and 16.